Sunday, September 26, 2010

RU.175290 Official card #316

The Mikhailovsky Castle (built between 1797-1800) in St. Petersburg. Thanks so much Asia for the beautiful card! :)

US-708377 Official card #315

Great New Hampshire mapcard! Thank you! :)

JP-124000 Official card #314

Mt. Fuji, beautiful! And a great ID :) Thanks Motoko for the card! :)

US-806401 Official card #313

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.

FI-886853 Official card #312

Another super Moomin card! :) Thanks so much, Elina :)

RU-204512 Official card #311

St. Petersburg, Russia. Thanks Diana for the card! :)

GR-13501 Official card #310

My 1st official card from Greece. Great train card! :)

GB-162583 Official card #309

National Tramway Museum. Thanks Chas for the card! :)

US-796922 Official card #308

Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains NP. Thanks Derrick for the card!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big 10 viewcards RR Group EL from Canada (Dominican Republic cards)

Santo Domingo

My first cards from the Domican Republic, a place I'd definitely love to visit :) Thanks so much Trupti for the cards! :)

Big 10 viewcards RR Group EL from Switzerland

The Matterhorn



Thanks so much Grace (azzurri) for the beautiful cards! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

FI-879332 Official card #307

Super Moomin card with a matching Moomin stamp! :) Thanks Pirjo for the card!

NL-409751 Official card #306


Great lighthouse card! :)

DE-672446 Official card #305

Gelnhausen, Germany. Thanks Klaus for the card!

FI-877047 Official card #304

Cute kitten! :) Thanks Simo for the card! :)

FI-838610 Official card #303

Another Moomin card! I love them! :)