Friday, November 19, 2010

TW-207313 Official card #336

This card is perfect for me, a beautiful scene in Taiwan and a train :) Thanks Apple for the card :)

ES-91115 Official card #335

The Colomares castle in Benalmadena, Spain. Thanks so much Anna, I love this card :)

RU-233676 Official card #334

Sochi by the Black Sea. Thanks Luda for the great card :)

US-858899 Official card #333

The bluebonnet became the Texas state flower in 1901. Part of the Legume family, it blooms from March through May.
Thanks Sally for this beautiful card :)

FI-923406 Official card #332

My 1st Christmas card this year, and a Little My stamp, perfect! Thanks Hessu for the card :)

FR-115334 Official card #331

Thanks Louise for this great card :)

FI-913464 Official card #330

US-847542 Official card #329

Lighthouse cards are always welcome :) Thanks Jeanne for the card :)

AT-62351 Official card #328

Beautiful card from Sibylle, and I love this Orient Express stamp and postmark :) Thank you :)

US-838117 Official card #327

Great mapcard of the Great Lakes :) Thanks Christian for the card :)

FI-908041 Official card #326

Saturday, October 23, 2010

RU-218520 Official card #325

Peter and aul Fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia. Thanks so much Irina for the beautiful card! :)

US-828277 Official card #324

Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite National Park, California, USA. 620 feet tall waterfall. Beautiful card from Chas, thank you :)

FI-900529 Official card #323

Moomin card and a Moomin stamp - always great to receive :) Thanks Sirpa! :)

IT-102256 Official card #322

Torre Cannai, Sardegna, Italy. Beautiful card and I love the Geronimo Stilton stamp! Thanks Enrico! :)

NZ-41941 Official card #321

Great flag card! Thanks Paulie :)

FI-895402 Official card #320

Petäjävesi Old Church - UNESCO site in Finland. Thanks Marita for the card! :)

US-816511 Official card #319

The Roadrunner: About 22 inches in length, he would rather run than fly and sometimes reaches speeds of 18 miles per hour. He lives on insects, lizards, centipedes, mice and snakes.
Thanks Susan for the card! :)

BE-71559 Official card #318

Cute cat and a mouse :) Thanks Marie for the card :)

FI-889905 Official card #317

Little My :D I love this card :D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

RU.175290 Official card #316

The Mikhailovsky Castle (built between 1797-1800) in St. Petersburg. Thanks so much Asia for the beautiful card! :)

US-708377 Official card #315

Great New Hampshire mapcard! Thank you! :)

JP-124000 Official card #314

Mt. Fuji, beautiful! And a great ID :) Thanks Motoko for the card! :)

US-806401 Official card #313

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado.

FI-886853 Official card #312

Another super Moomin card! :) Thanks so much, Elina :)