Friday, September 29, 2006

Tag card #106 - You choose tag from the USA

Another USA State mapcard for my collection!! I love them! Thanks Carrie (canno1979) for the card and the lovely stamps!

Private swap #15 - From the Netherlands

A beautiful Luxembourg mapcard! Thanks Emgee for swapping, I love the card!

Private swap #14 - From Hungary :D :D :D

Nice mapcard from Székesfehérvár! My first postcrossing card from Hungary LOL! Thanks Viki for the card and the little chair stamps! :P

FI-72089 - Official card #20

Nice official card from Finland with lovely forget-me-not flowers. Thanks Henna for the card!

Tag card #105 - Geography last letter tag from Australia

Another nice card from the Aussie land! It's Ipswich in Queensland, a pretty quiet place! Thanks Christine (crizle) for the card and the lovely koala stamp!

Tag card #104 - 3 in an envelope tag from Denmark

I actually received 4 cards instead of 3 and a greeting card! Those Danish map cards are simply fabulous (it's not a surprise, I love mapcards), and the 2 viewcards are great, too! Huge thanks to Genek (Gforp) again for these cards! :D

Tag card #103 - Geography first or last letter tag from Germany

Nice snowy view card from Oberwiesenthal ski resort. Thanks Michaela (Michaela0705) for the card!

Tag card #102 - Another you choose tag from Greece

My first card from Greece! Santorini island is famous for its white houses and romantic sunsets! Thanks Marianna (pfless) for the card and the nice stamps!

Tag card #101 - Water motifs tag from Finland

Nice card from Finland! I'd like to relax in that place! Thanks Ulla-Maija (Peppi06) for the card and the nice flower stamp!

Tag card #100 - Your hometown tag from Malaysia

My 100th tag card! And it's from Asia again, this time from Malaysia! Muar is a quiet small town. Thanks Nurul (newrule) for the card!

TH-179 Official card #19

My first ever official card from Asia! It's from Thailand and it's the lowest number I've received so far. Beautiful nightview of Bangkok! Thanks Srirattana for the card! :D

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tag card #99 - You choose animal tag from Finland

Nice reindeer card from Finland! Thanks Johanna (Marnie) for the card and the nice stamp!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Private swap #13 from the USA, Alaska

This is my first "Greetings from ..." card from the USA. I'd like to collect every state card. I love the fishing bear! Huge thanks to Patti (Batty4) for the swap!

Tag card #98 - Bridges tag from the Netherlands

This card shows 3 of the 4 bridges in Rotterdam. Thanks Cindy (Evilkayleigh) for this really nice card!

Tag card #97 - Addicted to postcards tag from the Netherlands

This card shows typical Dutch windmills and a cute cow! Thanks Wilma for the card!

Tag card #96 - Boat/ship tag from Finland

I received this nice ship card from Finland. I love ships, sea and blue sky! Thanks Susanna (zeeta) for the card and the nice stamps!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tag card #95 - Another you choose tag from Iran

Beautiful card from Iran! Mt. Sabalan is 4811 m high and it has a small lake on the peak. And amazing stamps, too: Mt. Damavend is the highest mountain in Iran: 5671 m high. HUGE thanks ti ipuenktchen for the card and the stamps!

US-54908 Official card #18

Another beautiful card from the USA! This view shows Longboat Pass which separate Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key on Florida's west coast. Thanks Jessica (Purrfect73) for the card! I love sea, beaches and summer! :D

ES-6495 Official card #17

My first official card from Spain sent by a Spanish boy who is a huge Lost fan, like me! He even wrote the mysterious NUMBERS on the card! Thank you so much, nice card and stamps!
4 8 15 16 23 42 Namaste!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

PT-17594 Official card #16

My 2nd official card from Portugal. Queluz - the one of the summer residences of the kings in the 18th century. Thanks Ana for the great card!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Private swap #12 - From Russia

My first cards from Russia! The Red Square and The Kremlin. Thanks Tatiana (MZebra) for the swap, the cards are amazing!

Tag card #94 - Capital city offer tag from the USA

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Impressive building! Thanks Allison (TinyAuGoddess) for the nice card and the stamps!

Private swap #11 - from Cleveland, USA

Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland! Thanks Yvette (Andromeda321) for the swap! Your Hungarian is excellent!