Saturday, August 30, 2008

Transport RR Group 62 from Australia

Super maxicard from Christine (crizle). Thanks so much! Trains are my favourite :D

Transport RR Group 62 from the USA

Madeline Island Ice Angel
Madeline Island - Bayfield
The windsled transports passengers from the mainland Bayfield to Madeline Island when the ice moves in making the lake impassable by ferry boat and before the ice is thick enough to drive on.
Thanks so much Mary Ellen (alcott1) for this interesting card! :D

Transport RR Group 64 from the UK

Another interesting card from Andy. You always surprise me with great cards! :D Thank you!

Transport RR Group 62 from the UK

Beach Beetle from an original driftwood painting by Martin Wiscombe. I can't explain why, but I love this card! :D Thanks so much Andy! :D

Transport RR Group 64 from Germany

Great card from Rainer (Tellmewhat). Thank you! :D


The Golden Lane in Prague. I sent this card to myself :P from a long weekend I spent in this beautiful town.

Transport RR Group 61 from Germany

The card shows the ferry from Kiel (Germany) to Göteborg (Sweden). Received from Michaela. Thank you! :D

5 viewcards RR Group 182 from Germany

Beautiful cards from Anne (Liskatze). Thanks so much! :D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Half & Half Travelling RR Group 29

Tsarskoye Selo. The Catherine Park

The Fountains of Peterhof

Typical Finnis view

Jyvaskyla, Finland

Half & Half Travelling RR Group 32

Guanajuato, Mexico
La Olla Dam was constructed in 17949 to give water to the city of Guanajuato. Today is a beautiful site for recreation.

Antofagasta, Chile

La Serena, Chile

Dorset Heritage Coast
Clifftop paths provide superb views over the beautiful Dorset Coast.

This is a thank you card from Jessica for joining her group.

Travelling multiview RR Group 33

Chesapeake Bay
With more than 4.000 miles of shoreline, the Chesapeake is America's largest inland estuary. A century ago, this was by far the nation's best-lit waterway. The earlier lighthouses were conical stone structures, but the vicious shoals of the bay required screw-pile construction which engineers developed by the 1850's.

Antelope Island State Park, Utah
From sandy beaches to back country trails, from grand vistas of Great Salt Lake to micro views of wildflowers, Antelope Island State Park is rich in scenic beauty. The four wildflowers seen here are: Sego Lily, Sunflower, Mullein, and in the backgruond, Utah Milkvetch.

Jyvaskyla, Finland

Half & Half Travelling RR Group 24

The beautiful Matterhorn

Amazing views in Switzerland

Wales, UK

Colourful Finland

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

China to other countries RR Group 1

Hangzhou in south-east China. West lake sunset card from Linying :D Love the colours of the sky. Thanks so much Ying! :D

Surprise trade Round 3 from Canada

Sue from Canada sent me this great card showing Scottish pipers. Thanks so much! :D

CN-17989 Official card #161

My 2nd official card from China. Love the beautiful stamps! :D

BE-17271 Official card #160

Beautiful Belgian official card showing Leuven.

Transport RR Group 62 from New Zealand

Great bus card (as always) from David (1251ZM) Love these cards! Thanks so much! :D

Taiwan to other countries RR Group 2 from Russia

Kolomenskoye. Church of the Kazan Mother of God.
Great card with BEAUTIFUL stamps from Tatiana (MZebra). Thank you! :D

Taiwan to other countries RR Group 2 from Brazil

Ouro Preto - Minas Gerais, Brazil. Thanks Michael for the card! :D