Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tag card #168 - Castles tag from Switzerland

The card shows the Oberhofen castle in Switzerland! Beautiful! Thanks Barbara (never-summer) for the card!

US-89459 Official card #68

Thanks Diana for this beautiful Houston card! I'm glad you liked my blog! :D

NL-39819 Official card #67

Thanks Denis for this beautiful card showing nice tulips!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Black & white RR (Group 9) - from the USA

What a beautiful handmade B&W card from Susan (Susuyaya)! I love it, huge thanks!

FI-147675 Official card #66

Thanks Heli for this card (shows the statue of a fampus Finnish writer). And I love the Easter stamp! :D

City view RR (Group 23) - from the UK (Northern Ireland)

Beautiful night view card from Belfast City, Northern Ireland. Thanks Meg!

Tag card #167 - Geography any letter tag from the USA

North Ft. Myers in Florida, USA. Thanks Rob (TravelingHawkeye) for the card and the stamps!

Tag card #166 - Europe to Latin America tag from Brasil

The card shows a movie theatre in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Thanks larafotos for the card!

Black & white RR (Group 9) - from Finland

Thanks Heidi (dollart) for this B&W card, love it!

New Jersey Marathon ad card

This card was an offer from Keadamna on the postcrssing forum. Thanks, you are so kind!

US-85238 Official card #65

Nice official card from Tennesse, USA. Love the colours and the deers! Thanks, Rachel!

FR-10858 Official csrd #64

My 1st official card from France! Lille is a city in North France, and it seems to be a very nice place! Thanks Clemy for the card and the pig year stamp!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

City view RR (Group 23) - from Russia

I love Russian postcrds! This card shows the orthern River Port at Khimki, Moscow. Thanks Tatiana (MZebra) for the card!

Black & white RR (Group 9) - from Germany

Cute penguins! Thanks Janine (tee1982) for the card! It's my 1st penguin card! :D

FI-144632 Official card #63

Another nice multiview card from Finland! Thanks Elisabeth!

DE-62793 Official card #62

Nice multiview card as an official from Germany. Thanks Milena!

Black & white RR (Group 9) - from Norway

Haha, I love this b&w card! Interesting, "mad scientists" :D :D :D Thanks Joey (coveralls) for the card!

Surprise trade of written & stamped cards - from Singapore

Wow! Amazing night view card from Singapore! HUGE thanks to Yinx (lalwen) for the card and the stamps!

FI-140314 Official card #61

The most common animal in Finland. :) Thanks Elina for the card and the nice stamp!

Black & white RR (Group 9) - from France

Beautiful card! Shows the Louvre Pyramid in Paris! Huge thanks to Sylvie (Pazzolina) for the card, it's one of my favourites!

City view RR (Group 23) - from Finland

Nice Helsinki multiview card from Annamari (Annimanni). Thanks for the card and the nice stamp!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Postcard Party 3 - from Spain (Group I)

I love mapcards! Huge thanks to Janine (Baccarita) for the card, the nice stamps and the cool smiley fluffy stickers! :D

Tag card #165 - bridges tag from Russia

The Palace Bridge in S. Petersburg. Very impressive! Thanks Lena (ogonek) for the card!

LT-1247 official card #60

My 1st official card from Lithuania! :D Thanks Ana for this beautiful Vilnius multiview card!

Tag card #164 - churches tag from Slovenia

The St. Nicholas cathedral in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Thanks Tina for the card and the nice stamp!

Private swap #31 from the Netherlands

Nice Hawaii cards from Almeriaantje! Thanks! :D