Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Single views RR Group 20 from Germany

Thanks Melanie (melanieone) for this card! Love the colours of the sky!

Tag card #195 Georgaphy last letter tag from Germany

Thanks Norbert (nordbaer) for this nice Mannheim card!

Tag card #194 Other language tag from Brasil

Thanks Luciana (lucca) for this card written in Portuguese! Obrigada :D

Single views RR Group 20 from the USA

Thanks Rissyrissy for this card, showing Pennsylvania, the Amish country D

Single views RR Group 20 from Finland

Thanks Marita (MaHaKo) for this beautiful Finnish landscape!

NL-49922 Official card #105

Thanks Annie for this nice card, I love the horse statue :D

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Capital city RR Group 14- from Portugal

The statue of Fernando Pessoa (a great writer) in Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks Carla (estrelita) for the card! :D

Multiview RR Group 49- from Belgium

My 1st card from Belgium! :D Thanks Gerda (dager) your country has so many beautiful cities!

Single views RR Group 20 from Australia

Thanks Simone (simini) for this night view card! I always love receiving cards from Australia! :D

June RR - from South Africa

My 2nd card from South Africa! :D Thanks Alison (Crystal_Ali) for the card, it is one of my favourites so far! :D And I love the stamps, too :D

CA-14884 Official card #104

Thanks Jane for this card showing amazing Northern Lights in British Columbia, Canada!

Capital city RR Group 11 - from Slovakia

Thanks Beáta (cauchy81sk) for this really nice card showing the Castle in Pozsony (Bratislava)

Tag card #193 Bridges tag from Finland

Thanks Heidi (dollart) for this beautiful London Tower Bridge card with special Eurovision stamp! :D

Tag card #192 I'm offering a special card tag from New Zealand

Beautiful card! Mt. Ngauruhoe (2289 m) is an active volcano, located in the Tangariro National Park, New Zealand. HUGE thanks to adriennegarry for this card!

Capital city RR Group 11 - from Russia

The St. Daniels monastery in Moscow. Thanks Tatiana (MZebra) for this beautiful card!

Tag card #191 Bird tag from Finland

Swan, the national bird of Finland. Thanks Outi (ometsola) for the card! :D

Tag card #190 Castle tag from Lithuania

Beautiful castle card from tomasrimd! Thank you so much! :D

Friday, July 27, 2007

Multiview RR Group 44- from Australia

Beautiful card! Huge thanks Simone (simini), and I love the koala stamp! :D

PT-34034 Official card #103

Torres Vedras in Portugal. Thanks so much for the card (you didn't write your name on it)!

Another country surprise RR Group 18 from the UK

A Turkish card sent from the UK. Thanks so much Francesca!

Multiview RR Group 44- from Finland

Thanks Kirsi (kml) for this nice Mantyharju multiview card!

US-110618 Official card #102

Thanks Terri for this card showing The Blue Ridge Mountains!

Tag card #189 Churches tag from Spain

Thaks Sushis for this interesting card showing the interior of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral (the Botafumeiro)

Multiview RR Group 44- from Germany

Thanks Bjoern (OldCrow) for this nice multiview card of Bremen!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

CH-6094 Official card #101

My 1st official card from Switzerland! Thanks Christine!