Thursday, August 31, 2006

Private swap #7 - USA, Iowa

Beautiful cards from Iowa, USA

1st: The Nevada-California border at Stateline is a vibrant tourist area, featuring four major hotel-casinos, gourmet dining, America's scond largest ski resort and lakefront golfing

2nd: Emerald Bay - Lake Tahoe

3rd: amazing rainbow in Iowa

HUGE thanks to Esther (Maddeleine5) for the swap. I love those cards!

Tag card #65 - city view tag from Malaysia

Another amazing card from Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur by night. Beautiful city, beautiful lights! Thanks again, aliah for the card!

Tag card #64 - cat tag from Finland

Super cat card! This is Kiiri's own cat both on the card and the stamp! Amazing! He is Lauri, a 3 year old smart and playful cat! Very nice and cute! HUGE thanks to Huppu68 for this unique card!

Tag card #63 - you choose tag from Brazil

Sao Paulo by night. An amazing card from Brazil! Thanks Julianna (July) for this card. I'd like to visit Sao Paulo!

Tag card #62 - You choose an animal tag from the USA

The desert coyote (Canis latrans) is much smaller with a grayer-paler tint to their coat than coyotes located in coastal and mountainous regions. They dwell in the hot southwestern sun. Their diet consists mainly of small rodents and insects. Thanks Carol (adobe) for this card, I love it!

Tag card #61 - Will you send me... tag from Slovenia

My first card from Slovenia, and it's actually a Tunisian desert card! Desert cards were on my wishlist. Thanks Solecito for the card!

Tag card #60 - Geography first or last letter tag from Finland

This card came from Finland but Mitchell Park is in the USA (Millwaukee, Wisconsin). Visitors to Mitchell Park Conservatory experience nature from all regions of the world. The three massive glass domes feature tropical, arid and seasonal displays including spectacular shows at Christmas and Easter. Vey nice card, thanks Tiina (tiiti)!

Tag card #59 - Places tag from Italy

I have a lot of cards from Italy, but this is my first postcrossing card - from Brescia, Piazza della Hoggia. Thanks Lessa for the card, I've never been to Brescia before, so it's a new place for me!

US-50864 Official card #11

New Hampshire, USA - The old man and the moon. Interesting card. Legend has it that the Old Man of the Mountain is the face of Chief Pemigewasset, who died on the cliff waiting for his wife to return from her father's death bed. After this omen, the valley below became a peaceful gathering place for once enemy tribes, The Old Man of the Mountain is now one of New Hampshire's most intriguing landmarks. Thanks David for the card!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Non postcrossing card - Scottish Fold cat

I got this card from a member of the Scottis Fold Fanciers Yahoo group! Cute cat, very folded ears, PERFECT!!! Or PURRFECT! Thanks Rhonda for my 2nd Scottish Fold card! LOVE it!

Tag card #58 - You can choose tag from New Zealand

Mitre Peak, Fiordland National Park. Seen here from Bowen River, Mitre Peak rises sheer to a height of 1695 m from the Milford Sound. HUGE thanks to Rachel (nzmum2000) for the beautiful card!

Tag card #57 - I want... tag from Japan

Amazing card from Japan! Mt. Aso and the part of Aso Kuju National Park in Kumamoto prefecture in Japan. Thanks Michael (michaelandleonna) for the card! Beautiful!

Private swap #6 - From Australia

Super Australian cards! :D

1st: Kangaroos, Uluru and Koalas
2nd: Melbourne skyline by night

Thanks Esta (esta1) for swapping with me! I love the cards you've sent me! And love the kolala stamp and the Australian Flag sticker! :D

Tag card #56 - Cat tag from Finland

Another cute Finnish cat card! I love them and the super Finnish cat stamps! HUGE thanks to Heli (Chimerah) for this lovely kitty card! :D

Tag card #55 - geographY lasT letteR taG from Austria

Beautiful card from Austria! :D In a deed of gift of 1 November 996, the name "Ostarrichi", Austria appeared for the first time. Thanks Sibylle (Robin67) for the card!

Tag card #54 - Language tag from Lithuania

My first card from Lithuania! And it was written in Lithuanian language! Klaipeda is the 3rd largest town in Lithuania, and the only only seaport. Thanks Viktorija (Vicky666) for the card!

Tag card #53 - Your hometown tag from The Netherlands

Nice multiview card from Den Haag, thanks Marietta (MorganLeFay)!

Tag card #52 - Church tag from Spain

My first card from Spain. Plaza de San Juan, Agurain in north os Spain, and shows the fortified gothic church there, founded in 1256. Thanks Anna (Shawnee) for the card!

Tag card #51 - Request tag from the USA

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park in Texas, USA. Thanks Larkspur for the card!

Tag card #50 - Your hometown tag from The Netherlands

Aalten, in the eastern part of The Netherlands. Thanks Jora for the card!

Private swap #5 - From Florida, USA

3 beautiful cards from Florida, USA.

1st: Longboat Key is located on Florida's West Coast just across the bay from Sarasota.This view, looking north, shows New Pass, the Gulf of Mexico and beautiful golf courses and condos Longboat is famous for.

2nd: Sarasota, Florida has something for everyone - world-class beaches, fine dining, the arts and so much more (It's the hometown of Marta, who sent me these cards)

3rd: Another nice map card, I love them!

Thanks Martha (Chimoy) for the amazing cards!

Private swap #4 - From Brazil

Private swap from Brasília, Brazil.
1st: JK bridge over the Paranoá Lake
2nd: Night view of Palácio da Justica.
Thanks Paula for the cards, for the kind words you wrote in Portuguese, and for the nice stamps and the cool sticker!