Thursday, February 28, 2008

December RR from Canada

Great mapcard showing the Great Lakes in Canada. Thanks Kristen (KristenMarriner) for the card!

December RR from France

Ile d'Arz in Bretagne, France. Thanks Isabel (mumofmax for the beautiful card!

Capital city RR Group 36 from the USA

The Indianapolis State Capitol. Thanks Alison (alimx007) for the card!

PT-41474 Official card #123

Very nice official card from Portugal. Thanks Joao!

Capital city RR Group 37 from Finland

Another beaoutiful Helsinki card from Marita (MaHaKo). Thank you, my friend!

December RR from Germany

Alte Völklinger Hütte an UNESCO site in Saarland, Germany. Thanks Julia (Johanna_sophia) for this interesting card!

December RR from the UK

Dumfries Town. Situated on the River Nith and being the largest town in South West Scotland. Thanks Bella (brella-owul) for the card and the Harry Potter stamp! :D

Chocolate lottery - I won

I won these yummy chocolates, and a cute cat card (there was a koala card but I gave it to Davide)
Thanks Indirama, I love especially mint flavoured chocolates! :D

Sunday, February 24, 2008

December RR from the USA

Odessa Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA. Beautiful card from Julie! Thank you it is one of my favourites so far! :D

December RR from Brazil

I love caves, so special thanks to Julia (judamore) for the carde, and I love the elephant stamp! :D

Bridges RR Group 13 from Japan

Rainbow Bridge - The most beautiful btidge throughout Trunk Expressway along Tokyo Bay. Opened 1993. 798m long. Thanks Tam for the great card and the bridge stamp! :D

Capital city RR Group 36 from Canada

Changign of the Guard, Parliament Hill Ottawa, Canada. Thanks Marie (renegade_Cavalcade) for this card!

Capital city RR Group 37 from the Netherlands

Beautiful Amsterdam card! Thanks Jetske!

City view RR Special Group 50 from Estonia

Nice multiview card of Tartu, Estonia. Thanks Heli (Vudu) for the card!

October RR from the Czech Republic

Thanks Martina (bbodlinka) for resending this card from the October RR! I'd like to visit Prague! :D

FI-243363 Official card #122

Great handmade card, the postcrosser who sent me this card, made the photos. And also a great butterfly stamp. Thanks!

EE-15460 Official card #121

My 1st official card from Estonia! Thanks Stiina for this beautiful card of Tallinn!

BR-24205 Official card #120

Thanks Wilma for this multiview card of Curitiba!

FI-239076 Official card #119

Thanks Susanna (susyq) for this beautiful card showing Koli National Park in Finland!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bridges RR Group 13 from Brazil

Aerial view of Presidente Costa e Silva btidge (Rio-Niterói)- 13.980 meters long. Thanks Claudio (crhagi) for the beautiful card!

Malaysia lottery - I won!

The magnificient Rajah Brooke is Malaysia's national butterfly and is easily recognisable by its emerald green colout. Thanks Mariani (pinkaton) for the great card! :D

December RR from the USA

Ohio Wildlife card - I love the raccoon! :D Thanks Carol (carolreader)!

December RR from the Czech Republic

Nice Prague card with a great flower stamp! Thanks Martina (bbodlinka)!

Capital city RR Group 36 from Malaysia

Thanks Dida for this great view of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

December RR from the Netherlands

Beautiful London card sent from the Nethelands. Thanks Wendy (Teleromeo)!