Thursday, May 24, 2007

Private swap #33- Cute Scottish Fold cat card from Finland

Huge thanks to Marita (MaHaKo) for this Scottish Fold kitty card! So cute! :D

Tag card #182 Roman languages tag from Brazil

Thanks dine for this beautiful scenic card written in Portuguese!

Another country surprise RR Group 11 from Spain

Beautiful Orlando skyline card sent from Spain. Thanks Janine (baccarita)! And nice train stamps!

RAS card #1 - from Finland

I received my 1st RAS card (Random Act of Smileness) from homine! It has special Eurovision postmarks and I love that strange bird on the card! Thanks again, it really made me smile!

Tag card #181 - Churches tag from Russia

Huge thanks to Irina (Shusha) for resending this card, because the 1st seemed to be lost. Love the card, it shows a cgurch in Samara, Russia.

US-99320 Official card #78

Jacksonville Beach in Florida, USA. Thanks Joseph for the card and I love the stamps. too!

FI-167169 Official card #77

Nice card of a singing swan with a bird stamp. Thanks Stina for sending it!

Sweden Lottery - I WON!

Thanks Sanna (talas) for this nice multiview card from Drottingholm Palace in Sweden! I had only 1 card from Sweden, this is the 2nd!

Africa Lottery - I WON!

Beautiful Djibouty scenic card sent from Norway. Huge thanks Joey (coveralls!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tag card #180 - Capital city offer tag from the Philippines

Manila Cathedral. Thanks Jane (enajpostcards) for the card and the butterfly stamps!

Australia UNESCO Lottery - I won!!!

3 UNESCO sites in Australia Chalahn Falls - Queensland, Uluru - Northern Territory and Daintree National Park- Queensland.
Thanks Sarah (jasclo) for the card and the nice stamps!

Eurovision song contest lottery - I won!!!

Special Eurovision stamp and cancellation :D Huge thanks to Tiina (Monna) for the card!

Kaj Stenvall Lottery - I won!!!

Iwon this card in the Kaj Stenvall lottery! :D Thanks Kirsi (Huppu68) for the card! (It's my 1st Kaj Stenvall card!)

Tag card #179 - I don't want this card tag from New Zealand

Wow a card from Hobbiton :D:D:D Huge thanks to Rachel (nzmum2000) for this amazing card!

Tag card #178 - Capital city offer tag from Turkey

Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Beautiful cardfrom Me+te (Me + e) Thanks for the card!

Tag card #177 - Capital city offer tag from the USA

St. Paul, the capital city of Minnesota. Thanks Denise (Nisey) for the card!

Tag card #176 - I would like to visit... tag from Norway

Egyptian Felluccas (sailboats). Thanks Miriamkhalifa for the card!

Single views RR Group 4 from Portugal

Leiria, a beautiful city in Portugal. Thanks Cristina (kryx87) for the card!

Another country surprise RR Group 11 from France

A beautiful Swiss card sent from France! Thanks Isabel (mumofmax) for the card and I love the jaguar stamp!

Another country surprise RR Group 11 from Russia

A German card sent from Russia. Shows the Luther monument in Worms. Thanks Nataly (ElSol) for this card!

AU-10042 Official card #76

My 2nd official card from Australia. It was sent in an envelope with beautiful stamps and a cute cat sticker! The card was made from a photo and shows the Connors Mill in Toodyday, Western Australia. Thanks Kathy! :D

FI-166406 Official card #75

Wow what a cute cat card! The stamp is on the front! :D Huge thanks to Marika for this card! It's one of my favourites so far!

FI-166370 Official card #74

Beautiful northern lights card! Thanks for sending it (I can't read your name, sorry)!

FI-162410 Official card #73

Nice duck postcard with cool stamp! Thanks Anne!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Single views RR Group 8 from Iceland

My 1st card from Iceland! Huge thanks to Osk (Ogga) for this cityview card, Reykjavík is a pretty nice city!